The Steamer’s Run Raid

In the 19th century transport through the Gippsland Lakes was by steamships plying the waterways from the railhead at Sale which connected through to Melbourne. On February 26th 2020 this old tradition is being honoured through a rowing ‘raid’ by four St Ayles Skiffs. The boats will row 70 km over three days from the Port of Sale to Paynesville along the rivers, lakes and straits that were the old ‘steamer’s run’ of the 1800’s. The steamers travelled all the way from Port of Sale to Lakes Entrance, but these rowing skiffs will only travel as far as Paynesville on McMillan Strait to join 300 other classic boats for the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally on Saturday 29th February. This blog will document the trip and introduce you to the people, the boats and the country of the Steamer’s Run

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