The Steamer’s Run Raid

In the 19th century transport through the Gippsland Lakes was by steamships plying the waterways from the railhead at Sale which connected through to Melbourne. On February 26th 2020 this old tradition is being honoured through a rowing ‘raid’ by four St Ayles Skiffs. The boats will row 70 km over three days from theContinue reading “The Steamer’s Run Raid”

The Pilgrims

Jim Barr is a Pilgrim steeped in the Celtic tradition of peregrinatio, that wandering on land and sea that characterised the Celtic monks of the 6th-8th centuries. Of Scots extraction (generations ago) he is an Australian who seeks a spiritual engagement with the mystery of this continent and its ancient civilisations through a respectful journeyingContinue reading “The Pilgrims”